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DGD.LatestVersionr1.19 - 08 Feb 2010 - 19:23 - DworkinBarimentopic end

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The changes in the most recent versions

Latest version is 1.4 (2010/Feb/03)

 - The instanceof operator '<-' now returns -1 for private inheritance.
 - Compress the table of inherited objects.
 - Prevent inheritance table overflow.
 - Properly restore unconverted control blocks from statedumps made by 1.3.2
   or later.
 - Handle more string constants in parse_string() grammars.
 - Work around a cygwin compilation problem.
 - Prevent a crash when attempting to read a too-large chunk from a file.
 - Stop generating instructions I_PUSH_ZERO and I_PUSH_ONE, allowing them to
   be recycled in the future.
 - Kfuns now have a version number, to simplify upgrading.
 - Allow ({ a, b }) = array; to facilitate returning multiple values from a
 - Generate the proper references to inherited global variables, which could   
   be wrong since 1.3.2.
 - Removed support for platforms MacOS (pre-OSX) and BeOS.
 - Remove character filtering for telnet connections.
 - Code released under GNU AGPL.

1.3 (2009/May/20)

 - Bring non-unix platforms up to date.

1.2.143 - 1.2.158 (2008/Feb/27 - 2009/Apr/18)

 - Fixed a bug that caused the swapfile to be rebuilt much too quickly after
   a statedump.
 - Fixed a bug in upgrading directly after a statedump.
 - Limit the sector size to a 2 byte value.
 - Fixed some compilation warnings under Sun Studio.
 - More type information is saved in statedumps.
 - Callout due time code rewritten.
 - Get long-term integer callouts to work properly again.
 - During an object upgrade, only change the update field if there are clones
   and/or light-weight objects.
 - Removed hash_md5() and hash_sha1() for newly compiled objects.  hash_string()
   should be used instead.
 - Allow unused kfuns to be reclaimed, using a debugger.
 - Fix a problem with precompiled objects, when restoring interpreted versions.
 - Automatically handle platforms with unsigned characters.
 - Removed everything from the extension interface that won't be supported in
 - Include a table of inherited variable types in the control block, for
   faster object creation.
 - With bugfix in the above.
 - And another one.
 - Fixed a crash which could occur after the creation of an object is rolled
 - Work around an IPv6 name lookup problem on Linux.
 - Display IPv6 IP numbers properly.

1.2.142 (2008/Feb/4)

 - Avoid spurious memory fragmentation warnings.
 - Some 64 bit issues fixed.
 - Fix the datagram challenge bug for Windows and BeOS, too.

1.2.141 (2008/Jan/14)

 - Don't report objects being swapped out with swap_fragment = 0.
 - Fixed a bug with restoring interpreted objects that are precompiled in the

1.2.140 (2008/Jan/13)

 - Properly deal with just-destructed objects after a statedump.

1.2.139 (2008/Jan/12)

 - Fixed another such bug, in the precompiler.

1.2.138 (2008/Jan/10)

 - Fixed a bug in initialized variable handling.

1.2.137 (2008/Jan/9)

 - Don't hang in an infinite loop when a datagram challenge is met with an
   improper response.

1.2.136 (2008/Jan/8)

 - Fixed a bug in creating multiple statedumps in rapid succession.
 - Fixed another swap_fragment = 0 bug.

1.2.135 (2008/Jan/1)

 - Get swap_fragment = 0 to work.

1.2.134 (2007/Dec/24)

 - Fixed another class variable retrieval bug, introduced in the previous

1.2.133 (2007/Dec/17)

 - The limit of 60 seconds delay for millisecond callouts has been removed.
 - Instead of immediately copying the entire state dump when restoring, rebuild
   the swap file gradually.  This allows for fast rebooting.

1.2.132 (2007/Oct/29)

 - Allow multiple add-on packages to register their extra kfuns.
 - Fixed a swapping bug that occurred with small cache sizes.
 - Fixed a bug in restoring objects with class variables.

1.2.131 (2007/Aug/15)

 - Forbid running a precompiled object with a different typechecking level than
   it was compiled with.
 - Fixed an editor path bug inadvertedly introduced a few patches ago.

1.2.130 (2007/Aug/1)

 - Variables from newly inherited objects were not handled properly
   during upgrades.
 - Fixed a bug in object type handling in ?:.

1.2.129 (2007/Jul/29)

 - Removed some MP changes that have no purpose here.

1.2.128 (2007/Jun/02)

 - Handle atomic status properly in precompiled code with a catch.
 - Update the statedump format for svalues.

1.2.127 (2007/May/28)

 - Initialize variables which may be used before set each time they come into

1.2.126 (2007/May/24)

 - Improved errorhandling in the extension interface.
 - In the driver object, replace path_include() by include_file(), which can
   return either a path or an array of strings for the include file itself.
 - Prevent a spurious "Mapping too large to grow" error.

1.2.125 (2007/May/10)

 - Prevent a system time fluke from making the uptime negative.
 - Disallow a dynamic_chunk size of 0.
 - Various problems in the extension interface and documentation fixed.
 - Allow multiple source arguments for compile_object(), to get around the
   maximum string length limitation.  The object will be compiled from the
   concatenated source strings.

1.2.124 (2007/Jan/19)

 - Fixed a bug which could cause a crash if status(obj) was used on an object
   immediately after recompiling it.

1.2.123 (2007/Jan/16)

 - Fixed a case where code was incorrectly optimized away.

1.2.122 (2006/Dec/11)

 - Fixed a case where the callout timestamp was not updated properly.

1.2.121 (2006/Oct/13)

 - Have an error occur for a bad offset in read_file/write_file.
 - Allow a static function in the auto object to be masked by a prototype

1.2.120 (2006/Aug/25)

 - Line numbers were incorrect when object types were involved.
 - Handle 64 bit time_t.

1.2.119 (2006/Aug/23)

 - The sector size may now be decreased as well as increased.

1.2.118 (2006/Aug/6)

 - Only seek on files when needed.

1.2.117 (2006/Jul/18)

 - Finally tracked down a very old bug in array importing that could lead to
   memory corruption.

1.2.116 (2006/Jul/12)

 - Check parser-constructed arrays for imports.
 - Speed up the exporting process a little.

1.2.115 (2006/Apr/11)

 - Fixed some refcount problems.
 - Let parse_string() call LPC functions in left-to-right order.

1.2.114 (2006/Feb/04)

 - Include private inheritance information in precompiled objects.

1.2.113 (2006/Jan/30)

 - Properly restore object types from a statedump.

1.2.112 (2005/Sep/14)

 - find_object("/too/long/name") no longer causes an error, but returns nil.
 - Various reference count issues corrected for light-weight objects.

1.2.111 (2005/Jul/19)

 - Fixed a serious bug in errorhandling when accepting a new connection.

1.2.110 (2005/Jun/13)

 - Fixed a bug that could lead to trouble when an object was destructed and
   recreated immediately after a restore from statedump.

1.2.109 (2005/May/25)

 - Fixed a bug in the listing of undefined private functions.

1.2.108 (2005/May/25)

 - Do not force structure alignment through a #define, but handle it
 - Let the ordinary errorhandler deal with errors in remove_program().

1.2.107 (2005/May/11)

 - Fixed a code optimizer bug.

1.2.106 (2005/Apr/12)

 - Fixed a bug in the undefined function code introduced when backported from

1.2.105 (2005/Apr/07)

 - Reverse the key & message arguments for encrypt() and decrypt(), to make
   it easier to extend those functions in the future.

1.2.104 (2005/Apr/07)

 - Introduced hash_string() as a replacement for crypt(), hash_md5() and

1.2.103 (2005/Apr/07)

 - the program name in the undefined functions mapping was missing a leading

1.2.102 (2005/Apr/06)

 - Forbid having undefined private functions.
 - Add a list of undefined functions to status(obj).

1.2.101 (2005/Mar/15)

 - Fixed a bug in comparing function prototypes that include object types.

1.2.100 (2005/Feb/22)

 - Fixed a prototype conversion bug in the extension interface.

1.2.99 (2005/Feb/17)

 - Make swapout(), dump_state() and shutdown() local to the atomic context.
 - Get the precompiler to work again.

1.2.98 (2005/Feb/07)

 - On Windows, random(n) would never be > 32767.

1.2.97 - 1.2.79 (2005/Jan/16 - 2004/Feb/18)

 - Fixed a problem with driver->recompile() in multi-level atomic code.
 - Input blocking didn't work properly as of the previous release, and input
   blocking for binary connections never worked at all.
 - Properly keep track of light-weight objects (bug introduced in last LWO
 - Fixed various bugs in asn_* kfuns and made the bit string functions more
   easily usable.
 - Added IPv6 support for unix.
 - Got namelookup to work properly again on Windows and BeOS.
 - IPv6 now works on Windows (XP SP1 and later).
 - Get DGD to work on Windows machines that don't have IPv6, too.
 - Changed default platform to DARWIN.
 - Fixed a bug in fmod(), and changed the behaviour for integer modulus with
   a negative second argument (the sign is now ignored).
 - Regular expressions now work properly in a grammar string larger than 64K.
 - Fixed 2 bugs in the code optimizer.
 - The error "Non-numeric value in indexed string assignment" occurred in an
   inconsistent state.
 - Implemented object types: object "/path/to/obj" obj;
 - Implemented <- as an instanceof operator: obj <- "/path/to/obj"
   The second argument must be a string constant.  -> and <- have the same
 - Check parameters with the called, not the calling, frame.
 - Fixed a string reference problem during compilation.
 - Disallow (int) " 123", but allow sscanf(" 123", "%f", f), making both
   operations consistent for int and float.
 - Fixed a problem in object type function argument checking that could lead
   to a crash.
 - And another one in a similar situation.
 - Fixed a compile-time check for the number of arguments, wrong since the
   introduction of object types.
 - Don't disconnect if destructing a connection object is prevented by an error
   in close().
 - Perform inheritance checks only for objects compiled in
   driver->inherit_program() itself, not in functions called therefrom.

1.2.78 (2004/Feb/16)

 - The swapout callback function in the DGD extension interface is no longer
 - Call_touch() didn't work very well in atomic code.
 - Moved the O_PENDIO flag into the user struct as CF_OUTPUT.
 - O_LWOBJ is now a proper object flag.
 - Made sure that destructing the driver object in atomic code does not lead
   to trouble.

1.2.77 (2004/Feb/14)

 - Rather than causing an error, let the callout and precompiled object lists
   returned by status() be nil if they would not fit in an array.

1.2.76 (2004/Feb/05)

 - Two callouts started during the same thread will now always be executed in
   the proper order if the first has a delay N (milli)seconds larger than the
   second, even if DGD is delayed for more than N (milli)seconds between the
   first and the second callout (DGD/MP compatibility).
 - Make sure that a callout handle is not truncated to 16 bits before an
   attempt is made to remove it.
 - Include system files before DGD files on Windows.

1.2.75 (2004/Feb/01)

 - A few more fixes to get restarting (not just on Windows) to work.

1.2.74 (2004/Feb/01)

 - Don't look for further connections when no new ones can be accepted.
 - Prepare the name lookup thread for running again after exiting (Windows).

1.2.73 (2004/Jan/24)

 - While restoring a callout, not all appropriate fields were zeroed.

1.2.72 (2004/Jan/24)

The typical way of changing the config file is to replace ({ 6047, 6048 }) with ([ "*":6047, "*":6048 ]). Note that these mappings may be empty, in which case no port is opened.

 - New kfun: datagram_challenge(), which replaces the return-TRUE-from-open()
   way of enabling datagram channels.  Multiple datagrams are now buffered per
 - Config file change.  ({ 6047, 6048 }) for ports changed to a mapping in
   which the address must also be specified: ([ "*":6047, "localhost":6048 ])

1.2.71 (2004/Jan/13)

There is a snag with upgrading the kernel library in a persistent mud: reboot the mud immediately after recompiling the driver object, before compiling anything else. UPDATE: as of the kernel library distributed with DGD 1.2.77, the driver object can be upgraded normally.

 - Fixed a bug in object upgrading, introduced with call_touch().

-- ErwinHarte - 22 Feb 2008
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