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DGD.GettingAndCompilingr1.2 - 25 Jan 2005 - 22:31 - ErwinHartetopic end

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Getting And Compiling DGD

Where can I get DGD from?

Dworkin hosts the primary distribution site for DGD himself. Both the source code (with patches up to the current version of 1.2p3) and binary releases (for selected architectures) of the stable development branch of DGD can be found at the site.

This site also provides patches for the experimental releases. These experimental releases are (by definition) not guaranteed to be stable but contain developmental code which will eventually become the next stable release (likely DGD 1.3).

In terms of bug fixes the following table indicates the correspondence between the experimental and stable branches.

DGD series Corresponding versions
1.2 1.2p1 1.2p2 1.2p3
1.2.28 1.2.50 ?

There is also an earlier DGD distribution site (which only contains patches up to 1.1p5). In addition to what one can find at the main site there are some LPC packages for DGD.

Note that the contents of the README file on lysator are outdated, the main site is now, not

Is DGD available on my platform/OS?

DGD is available as both source code and precompiled binary distributions. The source code is primarily provided for Unix-like operating systems and will compile on just about all such systems and platforms. Binary distributions are provided for a variety of operating systems where this the traditional method of distributing applications. Specifically, binaries for Windows 9x/NT are available in zip format, for MacOS? as a binhex'ed stuffit archive, for BeOS? in zip format, for the Amiga as an lha archive, and for the Atari as a zoo archive.

A list of the current versions available for each OS is:

Platform: Unix Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP MacOS BeOS Amiga Atari
Version: 1.2 (source code) 1.2p2 1.2p2 1.2p1 (for the ppc architecture) 1.1p6 1.0a7 (very out of date and no current support)
patches p1 and p2 1.2p2 (for the i386 architecture)


For this task you will need a C compiler, the gunzip/gzip program, the tar program, the make program and the patch program (should you wish to install the patches -- and you really do). These are standard on most Unix-like systems. You will also need to select the appropriate HOST Makefile -- see doc/Platforms for more information on selecting the appropriate HOST setting for your machine. If you do not have one or more of these tools, the excellent GNU versions are available for almost any flavour of Unix (plus a few other platforms) from the main GNU ftp site or any of its many mirror sites.

DGD is known to compile on Windows 95/NT using MSVC++ 4.x and better. It should be noted, however, that while this compilation works out of the box with MSVC++ 4.x, users of 5.x and later will need to turn off optimizations in the supplied project file. DGD source has also been compiled on Windows 95 with gcc from the Cygwin tools (beta 20.1 version) using a HOST configuration of LINUX and replacing src/host/lrand48.c with src/host/pc/local.c. One suspects it would also compile with the Borland compiler as well, although there are no reports one way or the other on this.

If you are using OS X you can compile the unix source code if you have the Mac Dev Tools. One user points out that you may run into trouble with the ones prior to 10.2 (Jaguar) due to missing support for random().

Driver/kfun packages for DGD

As has been mentioned before DGD is built with a minimalistic philosophy. This has resulted in a number of people issuing "packages" for DGD. The general idea behind most of these is to extend the functionality of DGD in some way that is of use to the author (and hopefully others) but that isn't essential. Currently the following packages are available (in the pkg directory unless otherwise specified) for the stable branch of DGD development. These packages must all be installed prior to compilation. Those listed in the following table were all written for DGD 1.1 or DGD 1.2.

(To Be Continued.)

-- ErwinHarte - 20 Jan 2005
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