v1.2.112 - kfun - editor


editor - handle an editor command


string editor(varargs string command)


Execute an editor command for the current object. If the editor command is the first for this object, an editor instance will be created for it. The editor instance will remain active until an editor command is specified that terminates it, or until the object is destructed. Editor output will be returned as a string. The editor status of an object can be queried with the kfun query_editor(). File paths for reading and writing will be translated by path_read() and path_write(), respectively, in the driver object.


If the number of active editor instances is equal to the value of the ST_ETABSIZE field of the array returned by status(), where ST_ETABSIZE is defined in the include file <status.h>, attempting to add another one will result in an error. It is not possible to start an editor instance for a user object.


kfun/read_file, kfun/write_file