v1.2.112 - kfun - call_other


call_other - call a function in an object


mixed call_other(mixed obj, string function, mixed args...)


Call a function in an object. The first argument must be either an object or a string. If it is a string, call_object() will be called in the driver object to get the corresponding object. Only non-private functions can be called with call_other(). If the function is static, the object in which the function is called must be the same as the object from which the function is called, or the call will fail. Any additional arguments to call_other() will be passed on to the called function. In LPC, obj->func(arg1, arg2, argn) can be used as a shorthand for call_other(obj, "func", arg1, arg2, argn).


An error will result if the first argument is not an object and not a string, or if the first argument is a string, but the specified object is uncompiled. Calling a function that does not exist, or a function that cannot be called with call_other() because it is private or static, does not result in an error but returns the value nil.


kfun/call_touch, kfun/function_object