v1.2 - kfun - INDEX

acos-compute arc cosinemap_sizeof-get size of a mapping
allocate-allocate an arraymap_values-get the values of a mapping
allocate_float-allocate an array of floatsmillitime-return the current time in milliseconds
allocate_int-allocate an array of integersmodf-compute floating point remainder
asin-compute arc sineobject_name-return the name of an object
atan-compute arc tangentparse_string-parse a string
atan2-compute arc tangent of two variablespow-compute power
block_input-block input on a connectionprevious_object-return the previous object
call_other-call a function in an objectprevious_program-return the previous program
call_out-call function with delayquery_editor-query editor status
call_trace-return the function call tracequery_ip_name-get the ip name of a user
ceil-round a float towards infinityquery_ip_number-get the ip number of a user
clone_object-clone an objectrandom-return random number
compile_object-compile an objectread_file-read a file
cos-compute cosineremove_call_out-remove a delayed call to a function
cosh-compute hyperbolic cosineremove_dir-remove a directory
crypt-encrypt a stringremove_file-remove a file
ctime-convert a time integer into a stringrename_file-rename a file
destruct_object-destruct an objectrestore_object-restore variables of an object
dump_state-create a state dumpsave_object-save variables of an object
editor-handle an editor commandsend_datagram-send a message on the datagram channel
error-cause an errorsend_message-send a message to a user
exp-compute exponentialshutdown-shutdown the system
explode-explode a stringsin-comput sine
fabs-return the absolute value of a floatsinh-compute hyperbolic sine
find_object-find an objectsizeof-get size of an array
floor-round float towards minus infinitysqrt-compute square root
fmod-floating point modulussscanf-simple string parser
frexp-split float into fraction and exponentstatus-get information about resource usage
function_object-find a function in an objectstrlen-get length of a string
get_dir-get information about files in a directoryswapout-swap out all objects
hash_crc16-16 bit cyclic redundancy codetan-compute tangent
hash_md5-MD5 message digesttanh-compute hyperbolic tangent
implode-implode a stringthis_object-return current object
ldexp-add an integer to the exponent of a floatthis_user-return the current user
log-compute natural logarithmtime-return the current time
log10-base 10 logarithmtypeof-return the type of a value
make_dir-create a directoryusers-return array with users
map_indices-get the indices of a mappingwrite_file-write to a file