Preface</> <SECT1> <TITLE>What this document is</> <PARA> This &faq; is an attempt to answer some of the more common questions concerning &dgd;. It was written in response to a perceived lack of general information about &dgd;. </> <PARA> The most recent version can always be found <ULINK URL="">here</>. </> </> <SECT1> <TITLE>What this document isn't</> <PARA> This document isn't an &faq; on LPMuds in general. An <ULINK url="">LPMud &faq;</> written by George Reese is available among the <ULINK url="">LPMud web pages</> at the <ULINK url="">Centre for Imaginary Environments (<acronym>CIE</>)</>. </> <PARA> Nor is it an &faq; about Muds in general. A four part general <ULINK url="">Mud &faq;</> is available. This was originally written by Jennifer Smith and is now maintained by Andrew Cowan at <ULINK url="">The Mud Connector</>. </> <PARA> If you are seeking information on Muds in general, or LPMuds in particular, I refer you to these documents. </> </> </>