Miscellaneous Topics</> <SECT1> <TITLE>Can I use &dgd; commercially?</> <PARA> Yes you can. The email address to send enquiries to at BeeHive Internet can be found in the file <FILENAME>dgd/doc/Commercial</> in the DGD distribution. </> <PARA> You may have heard of <ULINK url="http://www.ichat.com/">iChat Inc</> -- later renamed to <ULINK url="http://www.acuity.com/">Acuity Corporation</> and then turned into a subsidiary of <ULINK url="http://www.quintus.com/">Quintus Corporation</> -- in this respect, this would be because the commercial rights to &dgd; were licenced exclusively to that company from January 1996 until March 2001. </> <PARA> As an aside, the <EMPHASIS>iChat.com</> domain is now owned by Apple and that company can now be found at <ULINK url="http://www.globalchat.com/">globalchat.com</>. Such a confusing world we live in. </> <PARA> For more information see the <FILENAME>dgd/Copyright</> and <FILENAME>dgd/doc/Commercial</> files provided with &dgd;. </> </> <SECT1> <TITLE>Getting help with &dgd;</> <PARA> There are a number of ports of call for help with &dgd;. A &dgd; mailing list is maintained by CIE and can be joined from the list's <ULINK url="http://list.imaginary.com/mailman/listinfo/dgd/">web page</>. For list-members there are also the list's <ULINK url="http://list.imaginary.com/mailman/private/dgd/">archives</>, starting in July 2001, while for the period before that Dworkin has provided <ULINK url="ftp://ftp.imaginary.com/pub/LPC/servers/DGD/list-archive/">archives</> in mbox format. </> <PARA> The USENET newsgroup <ULINK url="news:rec.games.mud.lp">rec.games.mud.lp</> is also appropriate for postings about &dgd;. If you don't have access to a newsserver you can browse the archive at <ULINK url="http://groups.google.com/groups?group=rec.games.mud.lp">Google</>. </> </> </>