Various Links</> <PARA> <ITEMIZEDLIST> <LISTITEM><PARA><ULINK url="">DGD Home Page</></></> <LISTITEM><PARA><ULINK url="">Center for Imaginary Environments</></></> <LISTITEM><PARA>Noah Gibbs' <ULINK url="">DGD, LPC & MUDLib Page(s)</></></> <LISTITEM><PARA>Part of that is a collection of <ULINK url="">examples</> of how to do things with DGD's LPC.</></> <LISTITEM><PARA>Richard Braakman's <ULINK url="">DGD 1.1 Dumpfile Format</> documentation.</></> <LISTITEM><PARA>Erwin Harte wrote a quick'n'dirty example <ULINK url="">System-lib</> setup to demonstrate how easy it is to extend the kernel-lib that comes with DGD. The linked file is in mbox format and contains an attachment with a gzipped tar file.</></> <LISTITEM><PARA>Mikael <EMPHASIS role="italic">Elemel</> Lind wrote an LPC function to make a deep copy of any LPC data-structure. You can find it in his <ULINK url="">repository</>.</></> </> </> </>