Is DGD available on my platform/OS?

DGD is available as both source code and precompiled binary distributions. The source code is primarily provided for Unix-like operating systems and will compile on just about all such systems and platforms. Binary distributions are provided for a variety of operating systems where this the traditional method of distributing applications. Specifically, binaries for Windows 9x/NT are available in zip format, for MacOS as a binhex'ed stuffit archive, for BeOS in zip format, for the Amiga as an lha archive, and for the Atari as a zoo archive.

A list of the current versions available for each OS is:

Table 2-2. OS versions available

Platform:UnixWindows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XPMacOSBeOSAmigaAtari
Version:1.2 (source code)1.2p21.2p21.2p1 (for the ppc architecture) 1_1p61.0a71 (very out of date and no current support)
patches p1 and p2 1.2p2 (for the i386 architecture)