Chapter 4. Q and A.

Table of Contents
What's a kernel function (kfun)?
What's the auto object?
Is it bad to have a large auto object?
What's the driver object?
What does atomic mean or do?
What are LWOs?
Why isn't my create() function called when I compile an object?
Are there any function pointer/lambda closure equivalents?
Can I compile my LPC to C
Multiple inheritance with DGD?
ANSI colours?
What is parse_string()?
What is an ASN?
Does DGD have encryption/decryption support?

What's a kernel function (kfun)?

A kernel function is a function provided by DGD itself. Documentation for these functions can be found in the doc/kfun directory of the DGD distribution and online (unofficially). These functions are available to every object (unless redefined by an inherited object -- the auto object often does redefine them).