Chapter 2. Getting and Compiling DGD

Table of Contents
Where can I get DGD from?
Is DGD available on my platform/OS?
Compiling DGD
Driver/kfun packages for DGD
DGD's extension interface

Where can I get DGD from?

Dworkin hosts the primary distribution site for DGD himself. Both the source code (with patches up to the current version of 1.2p2) and binary releases (for selected architectures) of the stable development branch of DGD can be found at the site.

This site also provides patches for the experimental releases. These experimental releases are (by definition) not guaranteed to be stable but contain developmental code which will eventually become the next stable release (likely DGD 1.3).

In terms of bug fixes the following table indicates the correspondence between the experimental and stable branches.

Table 2-1. Stable versus experimental

DGD seriesCorresponding versions

There is also an earlier DGD distribution site (which only contains patches up to 1.1p5). In addition to what one can find at the main site there are some LPC packages for DGD.

Note that the contents of the README file on lysator are outdated, the main site is now, not